Burglar cuts himself while breaking into building; found by officers bleeding profusely

41-year-old Eugene Bankston was charged for burglary when he broke the side window of a business and he was found inside by officers bleeding from a laceration caused by the glass.

Thief kicks in door, puts arm around man’s neck and a knee in his side to steal $450 and a phone

46-year-old Jacques Green was charged with aggravated burglary and robbery after kicking in the door to someone’s home and stealing cash as well as a cell phone from their pocket.

Woman tries to run her ex-boyfriend over two days in a row

24-year-old Kasheena Montgomery was charged with aggravated assault and two counts of vandalism after she tried to run over her ex-boyfriend two days in a row and damaged his Trailblazer as well as someone else’s Infiniti SUV.

Man uses stolen Uhaul van to pilfer shingles from Discount Builder Supply

49-year-old Lee Williams was charged with driving with a suspended license and 2 counts of both theft and vandalism after using a stolen Nashville Uhaul van to pilfer shingles from Discount Builder Supply on two separate occasions.

Bullets exchanged between four men as they walk past each other

feat Leonard, Devon and Jackson, Christian

18-year-old Devon Leonard and 19-year-old Christian Jackson were charged with two counts of aggravated assault each when both teens were involved in a firefight with two other individuals and a stray bullet strikes a neighbor’s door.

33-year-old man has sex with 14-year-old girl “about five times”, per report

feat Lopez-Gonzalez, Felipe

33-year-old Felipe Lopez Gonzalez was charged with aggravated statutory rape and solicitation of a minor following multiple incidents in a sexual nature with his friend’s 14-year-old daughter.

Memphis man beats girlfriend over $500 while his father stands and watches

28-year-old Darius Williams was charged with domestic assault after he grabbed his girlfriend by the hair and repeatedly hit her in the face when she asked him to return $500 of her money. While being attacked, his father stood and watched and threatened to shoot her if the police came, per report.

Seven women charged in local prostitution sting

30-year-old Shantarian Smith, 34-year-old Darcel Hinds, 33-year-old Melissa Jones, 42-year-old Petrina Green, 38-year-old Claudette Chatman, 29-year-old Brittany Thompson, and 28-year-old Alexandria Bell were all caught in a prostitution sting that was conducted by the MPD around various parts of the city known for drugs and prostitution.

Statutory rape arrest: Mom spoils the fun

19-year-old Demetrice Ceazer was charged with statutory rape after the victim’s mother called police because she suspected her 13-year-old daughter and Demetrice were engaging in sexual activity.