Trespasser told officers “I’ll fu-k you up!” after they catch him sneaking on VA Medical property

60-year-old Johnny Poole was charged with disorderly conduct and criminal trespass when an officer caught him sneaking around the Veteran’s Medical Center. He told them he was just “taking the fu-king shortcut home”.

On June 25th, Jonny Poole was stopped by Lieutenant Westmoreland while trying to gain access to an employee entrance of the Veteran’s Administration Medical Center of Memphis. According to the affidavit, Lt. Westmoreland observed Poole shirtless, sneak behind a screening area.

Johnny Poole (SCSO)
Johnny Poole (SCSO)

When he was questioned as to his purpose on the property Poole screamed “I’m just taking the fucking shortcut home, why you fucking with me? I will fuck you up!” The facility is currently closed to visitors due to COVID-19 and Johnny Poole is not a veteran.

Johnny Poole was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and criminal trespass. The disorderly conduct charge was later dismissed. Poole pled and was found guilty of criminal trespass and served two days in jail.

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