Memphis woman stabs fiance in the calf with kitchen knife

40-year-old Talisa Reid was charged with aggravated assault when she stabbed her fiance with a kitchen knife because he would not give her keys back because she had been drinking.

On June 28th, Officers Chapman and Goodman arrived at 258 Keel Avenue for a call that someone was wounded. The victim, Terry Gordon said that his fiancee, the defendant, Talisa Reid, had stabbed him in his right calf with a kitchen knife. He said that it started with an argument that had been going on for an hour about him not giving her keys back and her drinking.

Talisa Reid (SCSO)
Talisa Reid (SCSO)

Reid was agitated because she wanted her keys and he refused to give them to her so she grabbed a “kitchen knife” and stabbed him in the right calf while he was in bed. Gordon stated that he ran out of the house and called the police after she stabbed him. Memphis Fire Department Unit 11 arrived and treated what they described as a minor puncture wound in his right calf.

Talisa Reid was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. She was later released on her own recognizance.

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