Woman saved by neighbor when her ex-boyfriend fires multiple rounds at her

feat Davis, Ester

41-year-old Ester Davis was charged with aggravated assault and convicted felon in possession of a handgun after shooting at his ex-girlfriend outside of her mother’s home. One brave neighbor provides cover fire to protect her.

On July 16th Officers Grubbs, Officer Ordonez, Officer Williams, Officer Hardy, and Officer Phillips responded to a call located at 1595 South Third Street following a report that a female had been shot in the leg. After arriving on-site, officers discovered Shaquita Nunnally had been shot twice in her right thigh. Shaquita’s mother, Margaruite Nunnally, stated that she had witnessed the incident while she was sitting on the front porch of her home at 1595 South Third Street. She advised that her daughter had left to run errands just before the incident with her neighbor Jermain, and then returned to his address at 1598 South Third Street. As Shaquita made her way back across the street to her mother’s home, a black van started and pulled forward. Ester Davis then exited the driver’s side of the vehicle and approached her.

Ester Davis (SCSO)
Ester Davis (SCSO)

Ester demanded Shaquita to talk to him, however, Shanquita refused and attempted to enter her mother’s house. Davis yanked her back by the arm, grabbed her phone, and fired his gun at her several times until Jermain intervened in the attack. He fired several rounds at Davis, forcing him to turn his attention from Shaquita. There were shell casings found scattered down Third Street, and officers were forced to fire one shot while at the scene. Shaquita was transported in critical condition to receive treatment but was upgraded to non-critical condition soon after. Ester Davis returned to the scene after the incident and was arrested by the police.

Ester Davis was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and convicted felon in possession of a handgun. His bond was set at $100,000.

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