Bullets exchanged between four men as they walk past each other

feat Leonard, Devon and Jackson, Christian

18-year-old Devon Leonard and 19-year-old Christian Jackson were charged with two counts of aggravated assault each when both teens were involved in a firefight with two other individuals and a stray bullet strikes a neighbor’s door.

On July 27th, Wallace McDaniel and Antonio Clayton called Memphis Police stating that Christian Jackson and Devon Leonard had fired several rounds at them as they were walking past 2289 Flowerwood Road. Shortly after, dispatchers received a call from Christian Jackson and Devon Leonard requesting assistance to 2780 Baywood Road. The teens advised that they had been walking past 2889 Flowerwood Road when Wallace McDaniel and Antonio Clayton had fired multiple shots at them.

Police located several shells on Clearwood Road. Officers also discovered multiple weapons located at both 2780 Baywood Rd and 2889 Flowerwood Rd. No one was injured during the incident, but a stray round struck the front door at 2874 Lynchburg Street. All of the men involved in the incident were transported to 3430 Austin Peay General Investigation Bureau (ASP GIB) for interrogation. Devon Leonard invoked his rights and refused to make a statement. Wallace McDaniel reviewed a six photo line up and identified Leonard as the gunman.

After being transported to the ASP GIB, Christian Jackson waived his rights and gave officers his statement. He explained to officers that he did not have a weapon or threaten Wallace McDaniel. Witness Kevin Leonard told police that he witnessed Jackson with a black handgun before the incident. Wallace McDaniel was able to identify Christian Jackson as the individual that pointed a weapon at him and threatened him.

Devon Leonard and Christian Jackson were arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault. Their bonds were set at $25,000 each.

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