Burglar points finger at hotel housekeeper while having an active warrant for theft

23-year-old Vanteno Wright was charged with aggravated burglary and theft of property after he claimed his housekeeper and babysitter stole his partner’s wallet.

On August 8th, Deputies M. Hern, SiriMartinez, Young, Thiele, and Mclain were called to Albert’s Cabins, 5296 US Highway 51, and found Bhavesh Patel chasing a gray SUV driven by Vanteno Wright. Authorities stopped the vehicle and Wright provided a statement. According to the affidavit, Wright claimed two days earlier he and his beloved decided to go to the grocery store and asked housekeeper, Labertha Milton, to watch their children while they shopped. Wright claims after their shopping trip his son told him Mrs. Milton had stolen his lover’s wallet. Wright continued, saying that two days later he saw Milton’s room unlocked and decided to search for his partner’s wallet. He further claims to have found his sweetheart’s ID but lost it before officials showed up. He finished his statement by suggesting Milton began grabbing him, and that is when he left in his vehicle.

Vanteno Wright (SCSO)
Vanteno Wright (SCSO)

Labertha Milton also provided a statement, saying that it was true she was asked to watch Wright’s children but denied taking anything from the family. Milton says that after she found Wright in her room and confronted him, he bolted immediately. Milton identified her coin jar, containing $35, and a first aid kit was missing from her room. Camera footage showed Wright going into her room, and he consented to a search of his room. Authorities found a pink coin jar behind the television without any money in it. Sergeant Blohm, Lt. Rada, and Detective Pendarvis all arrived on scene and during further investigation, found Wright had an outstanding warrant for property theft.

On August 9th, Vanteno Wright was arrested and charged with aggravated burglary and theft of property. He is currently jailed in lieu of a $15,750 bond.

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