Woman yells and cusses when caught shoplifting with accomplices at Walmart

19-year-old Nadia Hardy was charged with theft of property and disorderly conduct when she and two accomplices, one of whom was a juvenile, were caught trying to lift merchandise and she caused a kerfuffle.

On August 8th, Officer C. Looney and Officer B. Duncan followed up on a report at the Walmart located on 5255 Elvis Presley Blvd where Nadia Hardy, Toyah Dowle, and a juvenile accomplice were caught attempting to shoplift by Loss Prevention Officer Sierra Smith.

Nadia Hardy (SCSO)
Nadia Hardy (SCSO)

With officers, Smith, and Walmart shoppers present, Hardy began throwing a fit about being apprehended. She started swearing and screaming at those present as she was walked into a side office. Shoppers began gawking and recording on their cellphones, shortly after this, Hardy was placed into custody. Hardy’s accomplices were issued misdemeanor citations and were shortly released. The stolen merchandise totaled $103.51.

Nadia Hardy was arrested and charged with theft of property and disorderly conduct. She was later released on her own recognizance.

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