Man attacks and threatens his child’s mother stating “you gonna make me kill you”

feat Beck, Lajerian

27-year-old Lajerian Beck was charged with domestic assault with bodily harm when the mother of his child tried to get his attention to have him watch the kids and he attacked her and threatened her stating “you gonna make me kill you.”

On August 13th, Officer White made the scene at 6305 Kirby Downs Drive and spoke with Brittany Hibbler, who advised that she asked her child’s father, Lajerian Beck, to take care of their child while she went out. Ms. Hibbler stated that when she looked out her window Lajerian Beck was sitting in a car with another male friend. So she walked out to the vehicle and tapped on the car window with a screwdriver to get his attention.

Lajerian Beck (SCSO)
Lajerian Beck (SCSO)

Beck then exited the car and began calling her names and slapping her in the face. She advised that Beck drug her into the garage by her hair and throat and continued to strike her while exclaiming “you gonna make me kill you”. Hibbler initially requested an ambulance, but later refused. She insisted that she was experiencing a little pain in her neck and leg but she was fine.

I reached out for a comment from Lajerian Beck through social media to which he responded that he would like to provide one, but one was never received.

Lajerian Beck was arrested and charged with domestic assault with bodily harm. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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