Woman assaults child’s father with phone charger during visitation

24-year-old Peaches Williams was charged with domestic assault. After hitting the father of her daughter with a phone charger multiple times in the arm and neck.

24-year-old Peaches Williams was charged with domestic assault after she hit her child’s father with a phone charger multiple times in the arm and neck because he stopped her from leaving with the child.

On July 28th, Officers Waits and Theraic were dispatched to a domestic disturbance at 774 Bey Street. Once they arrived on the scene they came in contact with Baye Slappy and Peaches Williams in the middle of the street in front of the residence. Officers spoke with Williams who said she called Slappy and asked if she could come to see their daughter, which he said okay. She then said that he let her in and she went in to see her daughter and that when she tried to leave, she attempted to take their daughter with her. That’s when she says Slappy pushed her and took their daughter back.

Peaches Williams (SCSO)
Peaches Williams (SCSO)

Officers then spoke with Slappy, who advised he did let her come over but had no intentions of Williams taking their child in the middle of the night. He then said that he was in the kitchen making lemonade when he noticed Williams was holding their child on the couch when his daughter started crying. He then went to pick her up and Williams started hitting and scratching him. She then picked up a phone charger and hit him continuously in the neck and arms. Officers did observe scratches and abrasions on Slappy’s arms and neck. While officer Waits was transporting her to jail, she admitted to hitting the victim with the phone charger.

Peaches Williams was arrested and charged with domestic assault. She was later released on her own recognizance.

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