Repeat offender caught stealing again at Walmart

45-year-old Lapacus Forest was charged with burglary after he returned to a Walmart he has previously trespassed with the intent to steal again.

Man rams police vehicle, with officer still inside, in attempt to flee Wal-Mart

28-year-old Darius Gilkey was charged with aggravated assault and burglary of a business after he rammed the officer’s patrol vehicle, who saw him rob Wal-Mart, with his Infiniti G35.

Shoplifter busted for keeping meth in same bag as stolen goods

19-year-old Maggie Warren was charged with possession of meth and theft after she kept her stash in the same purse she was using to steal from Walmart.

Repeat thief enlists friends to help her steal makeup and cat food

25-year-old Kadejsha Stephens was charged with theft and trespassing after she encouraged two others to help her steal from Walmart.

Woman arrested for stealing $5.88 worth of socks from Walmart

18-year-old Ja’Mia Estell was charged with criminal trespass and theft of property after she attempted to steal a $5.88 pack of socks from Walmart on Elvis Presley Boulevard.

Woman yells and cusses when caught shoplifting with accomplices at Walmart

19-year-old Nadia Hardy was charged with theft of property and disorderly conduct when she and two accomplices, one of whom was a juvenile, were caught trying to lift merchandise and she caused a kerfuffle.

Teenage looter from Monday protest booked in South Memphis

18-year-old Xavian Lott was charged with burglary of a business after being an accomplice in the form of a getaway driver during the breaking in and attempted theft of a South Memphis Walmart.

Memphis man caught stealing steaks and clothes from Walmart

51-year-old Tony Mosby was charged with theft of property in the form of multiple steaks and a shirt at a Memphis Walmart. The total of the items stolen was estimated to be nearly $75.

Woman switches out tags for more expensive items, then uses self-checkout

39-year-old Dixie Tyer was charged with theft of property after she placed a $5 tag on more expensive clothing and then rang up her purchases at Walmart’s self-checkout.

Woman sits on floor of nail salon, throws tantrum, and refuses to leave

35-year-old Erica Sandoval was charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication after being found sitting on the floor of a nail salon while intoxicated, throwing a fit, and refusing to leave.