Disorderly woman aggressively curses at neighbors and threatens them in front of police

18-year-old Archantanee Jackson was charged with disorderly conduct when she was screaming into a home at its residents. She was cursing and threatening them which was disrupting the neighborhood.

On September 2nd, Memphis Police Department (MPD) Officers Taylor and Peppers were collecting information for a report from a domestic assault when they heard screaming coming from Archantanee Jackson. The officers shined their spotlight on her while she addressed the people who were inside the house, cursing and threatening them.

Archantanee Jackson (SCSO)
Archantanee Jackson (SCSO)

According to the report, Jackson was getting violent and aggressive by beating her fists on her hands. Her actions drew attention from other neighbors within the neighborhood and prevented the officers from carrying on their lawful duties.

Archantanee Jackson was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. She was later released on her own recognizance.

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