Man asks a woman to pray for him after violating her home and person; stalks her “to apologize”

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41-year-old Mark Lyons was charged with rape, stalking, assault, and aggravated burglary after forcing himself into a woman’s home and person. He then stalked her in an attempt to “apologize.”

On August 27th, Memphis Police Officers responded to a sexual assault call near the 2200 block of Jefferson. S. Alexander told officers that someone pried open a front window and entered her home while she was sleeping. She was awakened by a person wearing dark pants and no shirt standing over her bed, who was later identified as Mark Lyons. Lyons then began to penetrate Alexander both anally and vaginally while she begged him to stop. Eventually, she started to pray which made him emotional. Lyons asked if she could pray for him. Alexander complied asking him who should she pray for Lyons told her, “Tiger.” He then removed a book from a box in her front room and left the scene.

On August 30th, Alexander Called police stating that she saw Lyons again standing outside her home wearing an orange shirt. As police arrived they found an envelope in the door which had “from Tiger” written on it. Inside the envelope, there were blank unsigned greeting cards. Later that evening officers came in contact with Lyons who had a misdemeanor assault warrant. During a search, officers located two envelopes containing more greeting cards with “from Tiger” written on the front. Lyons admitted to all the accusations that were stated by S. Alexander and claimed he kept coming back in an attempt to apologize.

Mark Lyons was arrested and charged with rape, stalking, assault, and aggravated burglary He remains jailed in lieu of a $76,000 bond.

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