Man punches baby mama in chest, says “b*tch I am gone kill you… “

33-year-old Courtney Allen was charged with domestic assault after his child’s mother reported that he threatened her stating, “b*tch I am going to kill you cause you trying to keep my son away from me” and punched her in the chest.

On September 3rd, Memphis Police Officer Fields was dispatched to a domestic assault reported at 227 Market Street. Upon arrival, Officer Field spoke with Asia Carter who stated that she allowed Courtney Allen to visit their son. Ms. Carter advised that while Mr. Allen was holding the child, he began to agitate him by poking him in the stomach, and made several unwanted sexual advances toward her. She explained to officers that at that point she asked Mr. Allen to leave so that she could bathe the baby and put him to bed.

Courtney Allen (SCSO)
Courtney Allen (SCSO)

Ms. Carter advised that he refused to leave while holding the child tighter so that she could not take him and threatened her stating, “bitch I am gone kill you cause you trying to keep my son away from me.” She told police that she tried to take the baby from Mr. Allen and he punched her in the chest with his left hand. Ms. Carter informed the police that she finally was able to grab the baby. Officer Fields did not observe any marks on the Asia Carter. Photos were taken at the scene and officers spoke with Courtney Allen who stated that he had not struck Ms. Carter. There was no video surveillance or other witnesses at the scene.

Courtney Allen was arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set at $2,000.

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