Man stabs patron when he refuses to pay more for ‘personal services’

37-year-old Steve Blade was charged with aggravated assault when a male patron refused to pay more for his “personal services” so he stabbed the man in the face.

On September 8th, Memphis Police Officers Hunt and Terrell were dispatched to South East Motel located at 3466 Lamar Avenue regarding a disturbance . They spoke to Chishimba Chanda who explained that he and Steve Blade had gotten into a verbal altercation after he had given him payment for personal services. Blade changed his mind and demanded more money. Chanada refused to give him any more money, and Blade refused to return the payment he had already received.

Steve Blade (SCSO)
Steve Blade (SCSO)

The situation continued to escalate and Blade used a pocket knife to stab Chanada in the face. When officers made the scene, they quickly took Blade into custody. Chanada provided a statement that said that Steve had stabbed him in the face just below his left eye and that he was in fear for his life. The pocket knife was tagged at the scene for evidence, and Chanada received on-site medical treatment for the wound to his face.

Steve Blade was charged with aggravated assault. His bond was set at $15,000.

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