Two juveniles found at Dollar General, says their father makes them perform oral sex on him

28-year-old Dallas Hogue was charged with the rape of a child and 28-year-old Mortiana Stewart was charged with child abuse and neglect after two of their children ran away and were found at Dollar General, who told police their father makes them perform oral sex on him.

On August 31st, Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputies Hunt, Javins, Earnest, Young, Gore, and Weary were dispatched to Dollar General at 6040 Raleigh Millington Road for two found children. The children, 9-year-old A. S. and 6-year-old E. H. were waiting with the store clerk. They told the deputies that they left their home and started toward Dollar General when someone gave them a ride. The children were unsure of their address but said they could show the deputies where they lived. However, the older child said she would rather go to her grandmother’s where she wouldn’t be whipped. The deputies were able to note several bruises on the children, which they said were from being whipped.

The juveniles were taken to their home at 4581 Columbia Woods Lane. On the way there, the 6-year-old told the deputies his father, Dallas Hogue, makes him perform oral sex on him. When they arrived at the home, deputies tried to make contact with Hogue who claimed he needed a key to open the security door, but tried to escape through the back door where Deputy Earnest detained him without incident.

Hogue divulged there was another child, 7-year-old K. S. who they found in a bedroom on the bed. The home was filthy with garbage, bugs, and animal feces. While waiting in the patrol vehicle, the 9-year-old child also admitted Hogue forces her to perform oral sex on him. Mortiana Stewart arrived at the home during the investigation and was taken into custody without incident.

Dallas Hogue was arrested and charged with child rape. He remains jailed in lieu of a $200,000 bond.

Mortiana Stewart was arrested and charged with child abuse and child neglect or endangerment. She is currently jailed in lieu of a $10,000 bond.

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10 Thoughts to “Two juveniles found at Dollar General, says their father makes them perform oral sex on him”

  1. Those two animals don not deserve a trial. Just boil them in hot tar and save the state the cost of a trial, and us the cost of feeding their asses in prison. First sterilize her, and castrate him. No anesthesia needed for either of them.

    1. Using a very dull table knife, and a blow torch to cauterize the wound, don’t want the to bleed to death before the meet Bubba and Lesbian Bubba their cell mates in Prison now would we.

    2. Bob Blackthorne

      Yeah, well, it costs a lot to heat up tar, then how ya going to get rid of the terrible stench? Here, in the “Based On Real-Life” movie “Citizen X,” Russian police caught a serial killer who had brutally murdered then sodomized more than 50 youngsters. Trial was quick, and he was taken into the basement of the jail, ordered to face the wall, and…..BLAM. Case closed. Cost of punishment, um, maybe fifty cents.

  2. bill

    And their are stupid people trying to refund the police- these two idiots should like all child molesters should have their pictures posted everywhere so the general public can really know who and what they truly are. they are the worst of the worst

  3. Grin n barrett

    Scum shouldn’t be allowed to breed. It should be eradicated when it is identified. There is no cure for pedophilia except the caliber of your choice. These monsters, and I include the so called mother because she is just as guilty for allowing it to happen, do not deserve to take up perfectly good oxygen that is needed for much better quality collections of skin and bone.

  4. Thomas Rizzo

    Jail is too good for these shits. A bullet through the head would be appropriate punishmr!!?

  5. George V Rowe

    Too bad these perps aren’t in the state of Alabama which now has a law requiring some convicted child violators be chemically castrated. In some cases I’d vote for physical TOTAL CASTRATION.
    Perhaps using an axe.

  6. maga2020

    We truly need to get back to basics,
    There are 5 types of criminals that should be shot dead, if there is enough evidence, that they committed said crime.
    The people committing the crimes below, are only a detriment to society and contribute nothing.

    1. Child molesters/pedophiles – this case would qualify, but also those possessing/creating/trafficking child pornography.
    2. Rapists – You won’t rehab these people.
    3,. Rioters/terrorists – gun them down in the streets or when you track them down via their social media videos.
    4. Gang members – white black, brown, yellow, green…in jail or on the streets…execute them ASAP. If you have a gang Tatt, better take an orbital sander to it,
    5. Drug dealers/makers/users – hunt them all down and shoot them dead.

    If we as a society just did this, prison over crowding would be non-extant, there would be no repeat offenders and there would be much fewer first time offenders…it would no longer be cool to commit any of those crimes knowing you will be hunted down and executed.

    Is this harsh…only in a society that has allowed things to get to where we are today. In a society that refuses to embrace heinous crimes, it is absolutely NORMAL.

  7. Neen

    I hope they suffer in jail. People jailed don’t like pedophiles.May you two have horrible karma till you die.

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