Woman refuses to allow boyfriend to leave; grabs and claws his throat

feat Washington, Mary

54-year-old Mary Washington was charged with domestic assault after she refused to allow her boyfriend to leave his apartment, scratched his neck, and dragged him back by his shirt.

On August 29th, Officers Abdellatif and Dugger responded to a domestic dispute located at 2011 Philsar Street. During his statement to police, Anthony Jones said he was attempting to leave his apartment, but his girlfriend Mary Washington refused to let him. He advised officers that she grabbed the collar of his shirt and scratched his throat. Officers noted in the affidavit that there were several obvious claw marks on Anthony’s throat and that the shirt was wearing had been stretched out during the incident.

Mary Washington (SCSO)
Mary Washington (SCSO)

When officers spoke to Mary Washington, she reported that Anthony had struck her before she scratched him, but the officers did not see any visible signs of injury. Officers spoke to a witness on the scene, Gloria Osborne, who advised that she heard Mary screaming at Anthony Jones all night. Officers Abdellatif and Dugger determined Mary Washington to be the primary aggressor due to the physical injuries, the neighbor’s testimony, and Anthony’s 911 call.

Mary Washington was arrested and charged with domestic assault. She was later released on her own recognizance.

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