Woman reports that ex-boyfriend strangles and hits her more than 10 times

31-year-old Johnathon Johnson was charged with domestic assault when his ex-girlfriend called 911 and reported that he strangled her and hit her in the face over 10 times.

On September 6th, Officer Callens was dispatched to a domestic dispute reported at Fiat Cove and Corning Avenue. The victim advised officers that the assault occurred inside her apartment in the Saints Court Apartments complex located at 990 North Watkins. She stated that she and her ex-boyfriend Johnathon Johnson were arguing and when she attempted to leave the apartment Johnathon became angry. She informed police that he strangled her and then struck in the face more than ten times with both a closed and open hand.

Johnathon Johnson (SCSO)
Johnathon Johnson (SCSO)

The victim said they got into the car after the altercation and Johnathon drove to 3631 Fiat Cove. When Officer Callens spoke to Johnathon, he advised officers that there had never been a physical altercation. Officer Callens noted in his report that neither of the parties involved had obvious injuries. Photos were taken of the victim at the scene, however, when medical treatment was offered she refused.

Johnathon Johnson was arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set at $5,000.

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