Angry man pulls girlfriend’s hair and strangles her for not taking his phone calls

Kavion Moore (SCSO)

19-year-old Kavion Moore was charged with domestic assault after he pulled his girlfriend’s hair and strangled her because she didn’t answer his phone call.

On September 27th, Memphis Police Officer Bryson and Officer Guyton responded to an assault at 3619 Beechollow Drive. Officers spoke with Madison Thornton, who stated that she was at a party for a friend who had passed away. She stated that while at the party, she didn’t answer boyfriend Kavion Moore’s phone calls. Moore showed up at the address of the party and told her to get into the car. Moore kept driving by Thornton’s house until he finally stopped. Once at the house, Thornton stated that she did not willingly get out of the car. Moore became angry and started to push Thornton out of the car. Moore then began to choke her, pull her hair, and took her phone.

Kavion Moore (SCSO)
Kavion Moore (SCSO)

Moore told officers that Thornton hit him because she was intoxicated. Moore voluntarily showed officers a cell phone video of him asking Thornton is she was drinking, but never showed her hitting him. While at the residence, officers spoke with a neighbor that stated that she saw Moore standing over Thornton after he pushed her down. The neighbor then said Moore pulled Thornton’s hair after she tried to walk away from him. When officers tried to detain Moore, he tried to run into the house. Moore was taken to the ground and placed into handcuffs.

Kavion Moore was arrested and charged with domestic assault. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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