Man punches ex-girlfriend, says “What the f*ck did you bring her for?”

30-year-old Isiah Kelly was charged with domestic assault and driving with a suspended license after he punched his ex-girlfriend repeatedly in the head in a barbershop parking lot.

On September 25th, Officers Kinsler and Ross arrived at International Barbers located at 6326 Winchester Road in regards to a disturbance call. When police arrived on the scene they immediately witnessed Isiah Kelly shoving his ex-girlfriend Jessica Smith in the parking lot. When Kelly saw law enforcement, he got into his vehicle and quickly pulled away.

Isiah Kelly (SCSO)
Isiah Kelly (SCSO)

The police immediately pulled the vehicle over and Kelly was held while officers sorted out the situation. When police spoke with Jessica Smith, she informed the police that she was there to meet him to exchange property. When Isiah Kelly saw that Jessica had a passenger, Bria Hassell, he became infuriated. Smith told police he started yelling ” what the fuck did you bring her for?” and reached into Jessica’s car and grabbed her purse.

After urging him to return her belongings, Kelly refused and began striking her on the back and side of her head. Jessica’s passenger hurriedly inserted herself and was able to stop the assault. Officers received the testimony and placed Isiah Kelly into custody. Jessica Smith was treated on scene by the Memphis Fire Department and was photographed, though there were no injuries visible on her person.

Isiah’s vehicle was towed to the impound lot, where later on a black Smith & Wesson 40 caliber handgun was recovered from underneath the driver’s side seat. Jessica Smith claimed the weapon belonged to her and that Isiah had stolen it prior to this incident. No theft complaint was found by authorities and the firearm was tagged and logged into evidence. During booking, a routine run of Isiah’s license revealed that it was suspended in November 2019 for failure to pay child support.

Isiah Kelly was arrested and charged with domestic assault and driving on a suspended license. His bond was set at $1,000.

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