Man steals $200 worth of food from momma’s fridge; caught two weeks later

30-year-old Larry Burton was charged with criminal trespass and vandalism after he broke into his mother’s home and stole food from her refrigerator.

On September 18th, Rene Burton contacted Memphis Police Department and said that her son, Larry Burton, had burglarized her home. Rene told Sergeant Wilkins that she arrived home and went to her refrigerator. She said that she noticed approximately $200 worth of her food was missing.

Larry Burton (SCSO)
Larry Burton (SCSO)

Afterward, she left to walk to the bus stop and decided to turn back. When she arrived back at her home she noticed her son, Larry, running through her house towards the back door. Reportedly, Rene stated that he did not have permission to be inside of her home. On October 1st, Rene was able to make a positive identification of Larry as the person inside of her home on September 18th.

On October 14th, Larry Burton was arrested and charged with criminal trespass and vandalism. He was released on his own recognizance.

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