Man threatens to beat Pro Cleaners’ employee’s “ass” for not getting stains out

60-year-old Vernon White was charged with criminal trespassing and assault after threatening to beat Pro Cleaners’ employees for not getting the stains out of his pants.

On October 23rd, Officers Palmer and Blow arrived at Pro Cleaners, located at 3043 South Third Street, in response to a disturbance call. After arriving, Officer Blow made contact with Vernon White, who was screaming at employees. When White noticed the officers, he stated “You’re going to have to take me to jail, I am not leaving. If I jump across this counter and beat his ass, then it would mean something.” Officers tried to calm White down and escort him out of the store but he refused to leave.

Vernon White (SCSO)
Vernon White (SCSO)

After officers detained him, the owner, Simon Lee, and an employee, Lisa Baker, stated White came to pick up clothes the day prior. They said he refused to take them because there were still stains on his pants. White came back the next day, and the pants were still dirty so he got angry, Lee said, threatening to “beat his ass.”

Baker informed officers that White did attempt to go behind the counter to fight Lee. Another witness, off duty Mississippi Police Officer Walls, intervened until officers arrived. He reported that White said that he was going to beat up Lee and did not care if he went back to prison.

Vernon White was arrested and charged with assault and criminal trespassing. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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