“R.I.P. to my baby daddy” Facebook post leads to a shot fired into the air by mother

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38-year-old Martine Smith was charged with domestic violence after firing a shot in the air and pointing a gun at her child’s father and his children to intimidate him to leave her residence.

On September 26th, Memphis Police Officers Palmer, White, Duncan, and Braxton responded to a domestic disturbance at 4774 Boeingshire Drive. Officer Palmer made contact with Martine Smith stated that her child’s father, Juran Bragg, came to her residence to inquire about a Facebook post that she made. She stated that an argument occurred and he attempted to open her front door several times while saying that he was going to kill her. Smith said that she went into her room and got her Smith and Wesson M & P bodyguard .380 and walked outside. She admitted that she fired a shot into the air to scare Bragg into leaving. Bragg was parked down the street at Boeingshire and Shelby while speaking to dispatch when the officers arrived.

Martine Smith (SCSO)
Martine Smith (SCSO)

He came to ask Smith about a Facebook post that read, “RIP to my baby daddy,” he told police. Officer Palmer arrived at the residence when a verbal altercation happened between Bragg and Smith. He said Smith came outside fumbling with a handgun while trying to chamber a round. She then shot into the air before, Smith said, she pointed the gun at him and his children. Then he backed out of the driveway while exchanging words and left her residence. Officers notified Lieutenant Davidson who advised the felony response team that charged Bragg with domestic intimidation and Smith with domestic violence aggravated assault. Smith told officers that her handgun was on the windowsill in her room, and she agreed to sign a consent to search to retrieve the handgun. Brent Smith, the homeowner, was asked to sign a consent to search to enter the residence. Officers located the handgun in Smith’s room on her windowsill three .380 rounds and one casing.

Martine Smith was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. She was released on her own recognizance.

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