Wifi pirate circles man’s vehicle with a brick; not their first run in with each other

feat Scott Treevious

22-year old Treevious Scott was charged with stalking after a witness told police that she saw Scott prowling around man’s vehicle with a brick; Scott claimed that she was “using the wifi.”

On September 28th, Memphis Police Officer Joseph Majors responded to a stalking call at 2502 Mount Moriah Road. Officer Majors spoke to the complainant, Tara Moore. She stated that Treevious Scott had been sitting outside the office for 2 hours in a red Chevy Malibu. She was parked beside Herbert Burton. Moore advised Officer Majors that Scott walked around Burton’s car several times holding a brick in her hand but never damaged his vehicle. Officer Majors asked Scott why was she sitting in a private lot. Scott replied, “I was using the wi-fi for the past 2 hours,” denied noticing Burton’s presence.

Treevious Scott (SCSO)

After a computer check, Officer Majors located a previous report for domestic violence/stalking on September 02, 2020, that Burton filed against Scott. Burton made the scene which caused Scott to become irate and hostile. He told Officer Majors that he had told Scott to leave him alone and to stop calling him. Scott continued to initiate unwanted contact and harassing Burton with phone calls.

Treevious Scott was arrested and charged with stalking. Her bond was set at $1,000.

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