Co-parents brawl over visitation of 5-month-old daughter

25-year-old Rashad Hawkins was charged with aggravated domestic assault and 19-year-old Angel Perry was charged with domestic assault after they got into a fight over their child which resulted in him pulling a knife on her after she forced her way into his apartment.

On November 8th, Memphis Police Officers Fulgham and Blumer dispatched to the residence of Rashad Hawkins, located at 510 South Highland Street Apartment 427, in regards to a domestic assault. Contact was made with Rashad who told them he got into an altercation with his five-month-old child’s mother, Angel Perry, who came to pick up their daughter. Rashad advised that as of November 7th, Angel was no longer on the lease and was working to make other arrangements for her to pick up their child.

Rashad said that he gave Angel the diaper bag in the hallway but still had the child with him when he went to get the child’s water. As he shut the door behind him, Angel busted through it and began swinging at him. He advised that he grabbed and pinned her on the ground to prevent her from continuing to assault him. He then stated that before letting her up he took her iPhone and broke it because he paid for it. Per the report, when Angel began looking for Rashad’s computers so she could break them, he picked up a kitchen knife and told her to leave the residence to which she complied. Rashad showed the officers text messages from Angel threatening to come over and “have him locked up.”

According to Angel, she came to get her child from Rashad and when she arrived he would not allow her to take her. She then pushed her way into the apartment and they began pushing each other. Angel advised that when she refused to give him her iPhone he jumped on her, took her phone, and broke it. She also claimed that Rashad strangled her before letting her up. She advised that Rashad grabbed the knife and told her to get out, so she packed up her belongings and waited outside for the police to arrive. Angel stated that she may be two months pregnant but she had not been to the doctor yet.

Angel’s mother, Marquita Hatchett, came to the apartment and took their child into her care for the time being. Both parties were checked for injuries and taken into custody for further investigation.

Rashad Hawkins was arrested and charged with aggravated domestic assault. He was released on his own recognizance.

Angel Perry was arrested and charged with domestic assault. She was released on her own recognizance.

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