Man charged after urinating on Checker’s freezer door when told to leave

feat Allen Corry

41-year-old Corry Allen was charged with aggravated assault after he threatened to cut the manager of Checkers with a box cutter if she didn’t let him use the restroom.

On November 11th, Quritina Millbrooks, the manager of Checkers located at 844 Poplar Avenue flagged down Memphis Police Department Officer Jefferson who was on a routine patrol of the area. Millbrooks told officers that Corry Allen pulled a box cutter on her and threatened to cut her after she would not allow him inside to use the restroom. According to the officer’s report, Allen and Millbrooks were taken to Felony Response for further investigation.

Corry Allen (SCSO)

Millbrooks told officers in a recorded verbal statement that Allen pulled a box cutter on her, threatened to cut her, and when told to leave, he urinated on the freezer door. During a search incident to arrest, a box cutter was recovered from Allen’s person. Officers reported that Allen was advised of and understood his rights but refused to make a statement.

Corry Allen was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. He was later release own his own recognizance.

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