Man threatens restaurant employee after being given free food

38-year-old Kevin Felix was charged with aggravated assault after he went to El Mezcal Mexican Restaurant and threatened an employee with a knife that had been providing him with free meals for the past five years.

On October 27th, Memphis Police officers reported to El Mezcal Mexican Restaurant and spoke to Eujenio Mata, an employee. Mata told officers that a man that he knows as “Kevin” came to the restaurant and knocked on the door. The man was later identified as Kevin Felix during the course of the investigation. Employees let Felix in, he requested food and then went to the bathroom. In the police report, Mata told officers that he has known Felix for approximately five years and that he gives him free food every now and then.

Kevin Felix (SCSO)

According to the report, Mata stated that Felix had gone to the bathroom and stayed for a long period of time at which time Mata knocked on the door, told Felix to come out of the bathroom, take his food, and leave the restaurant. Felix came from the bathroom and pulled a knife from the back of his waistband and begin threatening to harm him. Mata told the officers he used a chair to protect himself as he walked Felix towards the front door while Felix continued to threaten him and requested that Mata come outside so he could kill him.

Once Mata had Felix far enough away from the door, Mata closed and locked it to keep customers and staff safe. Mata stated that Felix remained outside of the restaurant yelling for a short period of time and then left. Felix was detained after Mata identified Felix as the person who wanted to kill him from a six-person photo lineup. Officers stated that Felix was located at Barksdale and Madison and was detained. Felix was taken into custody and in his left pocket, a large gut hook knife was found.

Kevin Felix was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. He is currently jailed in lieu of a $1,000 bond.

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