Man threatens to have a “shootout” with police if wife calls them, per report

53-year-old Sidney Harvard was charged with kidnapping, theft of property, and domestic assault causing bodily harm after he reportedly forced his wife into her vehicle, drove around for hours, and threatened to kill her and himself when she told him she wanted a divorce.

On November 1st, Memphis Police Officer Dugger responded to a kidnapping call at the Willow Oaks Apartments, located at 2503 Ketchum Road. According to the affidavit, when he met with the victim, Tricia Chambers, she advised that on the day before, her husband, Sidney Harvard, came home. She accused him of having an affair and told him that she wanted to end their marriage.

Sidney Harvard (SCSO)
Sidney Harvard (SCSO)

In anger, Sidney reportedly grabbed her by the arm and forced her out of the apartment. She further stated that he then “dragged” her to her green 2004 Toyota Camry and forced her into the vehicle. He then drove them around for hours, refusing to let her out. Sidney reportedly made threats of killing both her and himself. They eventually returned home, and per Tricia’s account, he forced her back inside, took her phone, and watched over her all night while she slept.

Per the affidavit, Sidney forced her out and drove her around again the following morning while threatening violence against her, himself, and the police. Tricia advised that he stated he would have a “shootout” with the police if they were to get involved. She then told the officer that he eventually let her out at the Shell Gas Station at 2400 Airways Boulevard and took off in the vehicle.

Sidney Harvard was arrested on November 16th and charged with kidnapping, theft of property, and domestic assault causing bodily harm. He is currently jailed in lieu of a $50,000 bond.

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