Sex offender caught exposing himself in parking lot

feat Hussey Daryl

40-year-old Daryl Hussey, a registered sex offender, was charged with three counts of indecent exposure after he exposed his penis and was seen with his hands moving in a rapid upward and downward motion while sitting in his car.

On October 12th, Memphis Police Sergeant Love spoke with Andrea Bland who stated on three occasions, an unknown black male in a silver Nissan Altima was parked at her place of employment in the 200 block of East Mallory Avenue. She said the man exposed his penis to her all three times. Officers located the vehicle immediately as he was leaving the scene where Bland is employed.

Daryl Hussey (SCSO)

Officers reported that as they approached the car, they observed the driver’s penis slightly exposed. Bland had stated to Sergeant Love that she viewed the building’s security footage and observed Daryl Hussey’s hands in the area of his lap moving rapidly in an up and down motion on all three occasions.

On October 15th, Daryl Hussey gave a statement to owning the silver Nissan Altima after waiving his rights and stated that he had not exposed his penis to anyone. On October 20th, Bland viewed a photo lineup of six people and positively identified Hussey as the man that exposed his penis to her.

On October 26th, Daryl Hussey was arrested and charged with three counts of indecent exposure. He was released on a $1,000 bond.

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