Woman wacks sleeping brother in the face with glass ashtray

feat Williams Ruth

33-year-old Ruth Williams was charged with domestic assault after she came home intoxicated and when her brother asked her to stop knocking his phone off the charger she attacked him with an ashtray, per report.

On November 6th, James Williams stated to Memphis Police Officers Lenhart and Granger that his sister, Ruth Williams, came home intoxicated to their residence located at 3466 Warford Street. According to the officer’s report, Ruth continued to knock his phone off of the charger. James, who was trying to sleep, asked her to stop before she broke his phone or he was going to make her buy him a new one. She then grabbed a glass ashtray and struck him in the forehead with it. Photos of James’ bloody face was taken by Officers Granger and Lenhart.

Ruth Williams (SCOS)

James was treated for a facial laceration that required sutures at Regional One hospital. On November 7th, he came to the Domestic Violence Bureau where he positively identified Ruth Williams as the person who assaulted him. James provided a handwritten, signed statement that he was trying to sleep when she assaulted him.

On November 7th, Ruth Williams was arrested and charged with domestic assault causing bodily harm. She was later released on her own recognizance.

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