Woman sits on sister’s couch while overdosing; admits to shooting up heroin

feat Armstrong Kaye

26-year-old Kaye Armstrong was charged with possession of crack cocaine when she told police that she had taken heroin, which caused the overdose, and police found crack in her fanny pack.

On October 11th, Memphis Police Officer Walker and Officer Baidoo responded to an overdose call at Ten Mile Creek condominiums located at 2727 Tarry Way. Kimberly Armstrong, sister of Kaye Armstong, stated that she had called an ambulance because she felt Kaye needed to go to the hospital due to her being sick. Officer Walker noted that he observed Armstrong going in and out of consciousness, making agonal gasps, and appear to be overdosing.

Officers made sure the scene was secure and called for the Memphis Fire Department for medical assistance. When Officer Walker asked Armstrong if she had taken any narcotics, she explained that she took heroin. A search of a black fanny pack, that was around Armstong’s waist, had two tied off plastic baggies with1.3 grams of crack cocaine inside. Armstrong was transported to Regional One after MFD administered 0.4mg of Narcan intravenously. Once medically cleared, Kaye Armstrong was transported to Jail East.

Kaye Armstrong was charged with possession of cocaine and a bench warrant for vandalism. She is currently jailed in lieu of a $10,000 bond.

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