Memphis man caught after 6-week looting spree; stole Takis, frozen pizza, lots of beer

22-year-old Mario Turner was charged with evading arrest and five counts of theft of property after a theft spree that spanned at least six weeks. Turner was filmed stealing boxes of pizza, a Hostess cake and bag of Takis, hygiene products, and several cases of beer.

On March 19th, the theft of $120 worth of hygiene products was reported at the Kroger located at 1366 Poplar Avenue. Officer Gallini viewed security footage of the theft and determined the suspect to be Mario Turner. Then on March 22nd, $30 worth of consumables were rung up at the Family Dollar located at 287 North Cleveland. Without paying, the person took the items and left the store. Detective Ross identified the thief in this incident to be Turner again. On March 27th, at the above mentioned Family Dollar, Turner again entered the store, selected a snack cake and bag of Takis and left without paying. Detective Ross confirmed Turner’s identity by showing a photo to the clerk and pulling store security footage.

Mario Turner (SCSO)
Mario Turner (SCSO)

Next, on April 13th, a clerk from the Mapco located at 1691 Poplar Avenue reported the heist of two cases of Bud Light beer by an unknown female. Detective Vlastos retrieved a clip from the security footage and Detective Ross again identified Turner as the culprit. On April 22nd, yet another beer looting was reported this time at the North Side Food Market located at 1414 Jackson. The bandit had swiped two 12-packs of Bud Light and a case of Budweiser, this time Detective Vlastos identified Mario Turner. Lastly, on April 29th, Officer Williams was dispatched to a shoplifting call at Gordin’s Butcher Shop, where the crook was armed with a knife.

According to the affidavit, when Officer Williams arrived, Officer Batts was following Turner. Once Turner was commanded to halt, his evasion began. Officers set up a perimeter and ultimately Officer Williams located him behind a home on Decatur Street. Turner’s identity as the attempted shoplifter was confirmed at the butcher shop but he had not accomplished his theft and the cashier declined to press charges. At this point, Mario Turner complained of chest pain and claimed to be having an asthma attack. After being cleared by medical, Turner was finally taken to booking, where one last revelation was revealed. He was found to be in possession of multiple credit cards in different names.

Mario Turner was arrested and charged with evading arrest and five counts of theft of property. He is jailed in lieu of a $500 bond.

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