Whitehaven man stabs girlfriend’s phone prior to 911 call; daughter with COVID-19 records incident

42-year-old Jamie Burnette was charged with aggravated assault after pulling Jerrica Maxwell’s hair, punching her in the head, and stabbing her phone while she was attempting to call the police. Their daughter, who tested positive for COVID-19, witnessed and recorded the incident.

On June 7th, Officers Weiser and Pennington were dispatched to a call of domestic violence at 4320 Eastwind Drive Apartment 12. According to the affidavit, Jamie Burnette and Jerrica Maxwell were involved in a verbal altercation. Burnette made the dispute violent when pulling Maxwell by her hair and striking her in the head with a closed fist. In self-defense, Maxwell kicked Burnette off and away from her. Burnette responded to this by going into a closet and picking up a knife.

Jamie Burnette (SCSO)
Jamie Burnette (SCSO)

As Maxwell began attempts to place an emergency call, Burnette allegedly stabbed her phone. Burnette began to raise the weapon again after piercing the phone, but Maxwell was able to escape the man by that point. Zaueria Darling, daughter to both Burnette and Maxwell, placed an emergency call shortly thereafter. Darling also recorded the incident on her phone, showing officers upon their arrival.

Law enforcement was advised by the domestic violence bureau to have Darling inform officers of the incident on body camera, due to her testing positive for coronavirus. Darling gave Weiser permission to record the video of the assault off of her phone. The knife utilized by Burnette was later recovered from the second floor of the residence and placed into evidence. Burnette was placed into custody for aggravated assault.

Jamie Burnette was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. His bond was set at $5,000.

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