Woman finds her baby daddy having relations with another woman; hits him with shovel

feat Malone Onisha

23-year-old Onisha Malone was charged with domestic assault after she walked in on her child’s father with another woman in their house then hit him with a shovel in his arm.

Gun-totting man threatens to kill girlfriend by pointing it in her face

43-year-old Joshua Cleveland was charged with aggravated assault when he struck his girlfriend, chased her down, and pointed a handgun at her over a squabble.

Man pulls gun on cousin and family, tells them to get out of his face

55-year-old Robert Wiggins was charged with three counts of aggravated domestic assault after he pulled a gun on the family he lives with.

Whitehaven man stabs girlfriend’s phone prior to 911 call; daughter with COVID-19 records incident

42-year-old Jamie Burnette was charged with aggravated assault after pulling Jerrica Maxwell’s hair, punching her in the head, and stabbing her phone while she was attempting to call the police. Their daughter, who tested positive for COVID-19, witnessed and recorded the incident.

Woman tells cops she shot husband because she was afraid of him; per report

48-year-old Delinda Bogan was charged with aggravated assault when she shot her husband with a .22 during an argument. She said he threatened to kill her and she shot him because she was afraid.

Domestic squabble over COVID 19 leads to charges when husband strangles wife

31-year-old Samuel Canuto was charged with aggravated domestic assault when an argument with his wife about seeking care for COVID 19 escalated and she said he slapped and strangled her until she lost consciousness.

Memphis man remains on the scene while girlfriend recovers from strangulation and calls authorities

45-year-old Brice Hall was charged with aggravated domestic assault when he strangled his live-in girlfriend to the point of unconsciousness during a verbal conflict. He was still at the scene when she came to and called the police.