Man slaps girlfriend over message on her phone; takes her car, phone, and leaves

33-year-old Rodney Benson was charged with domestic assault after he read a Facebook message on his lover’s phone and slapped her repeatedly because of what he saw.

Mother initiates chase, repeatedly rams into woman’s car with children inside

22-year-old Coneshai Davis was charged with aggravated assault, driving with a suspended license, child restraint and financial law violation, and four counts of reckless endangerment after tailing another woman throughout traffic and repeatedly ramming into her vehicle. Davis reportedly had her three children inside the vehicle during the incident.

Whitehaven man stabs girlfriend’s phone prior to 911 call; daughter with COVID-19 records incident

42-year-old Jamie Burnette was charged with aggravated assault after pulling Jerrica Maxwell’s hair, punching her in the head, and stabbing her phone while she was attempting to call the police. Their daughter, who tested positive for COVID-19, witnessed and recorded the incident.