Memphis woman stabs her cousin three times

25-year-old Ternisha Cunningham charged with aggravated assault after screaming at, hitting, and stabbing her cousin three times in the back and upper arm.

Memphis woman stabs fiance in the calf with kitchen knife

40-year-old Talisa Reid was charged with aggravated assault when she stabbed her fiance with a “kitchen knife” when he would not give her keys back because she had been drinking.

Braids Down: Memphis man rips six braids out of girlfriend’s head during argument

42-year-old Glen Miller was charged with domestic assault after he slapped his girlfriend in the face, kicked her in her side, and grabbed her hair pulling out six of her braids, per report.

Whitehaven man stabs girlfriend’s phone prior to 911 call; daughter with COVID-19 records incident

42-year-old Jamie Burnette was charged with aggravated assault after pulling Jerrica Maxwell’s hair, punching her in the head, and stabbing her phone while she was attempting to call the police. Their daughter, who tested positive for COVID-19, witnessed and recorded the incident.