Memphis man damages two vehicles when confronted about stolen ice cream

feat Hines, Michael

31-year-old Michael Hines was charged with theft of merchandise and vandalism when gas station employees confronted him for theft of ice cream and he caused over $8,000 in damage to their cars, per report.

On July 4th, Yolanda Harth and Fayez Aldafari contacted police at the Valero Gas Station located at 951 South Parkway, their place of employment. Aldalfari advised that Michael Hines came into the gas station, took ice cream out of the cooler, and then fled out of the business without paying. Fayez Aldafari followed Hines outside and confronted him about the stolen item. Hines became infuriated and kicked both of the side view mirrors off of Harth’s 2008 Audi. Then Hines climbed on top of Aldafari’s 2013 Nissan Altima and kicked out the windshield and the back window before fleeing the scene in a white Cadillac. The entire incident was captured on camera.

Michael Hines (SCSO)
Michael Hines (SCSO)

On July 31st, Yolanda Harth was able to positively identified Michael Hines in a six picture photo lineup as the perpetrator of the incident. Michael Hines was apprehended and transported to Airways General Investigations Bureau where he waived his Miranda Rights and confessed to vandalizing the vehicles.

The approximate cost to replace the side view mirrors, per the Audi USA Parts, was $2,474. Aldafari provided a quote from State Farm Insurance Company showing the repair the damage to his vehicle was $5,235.78 and the cost estimate on to replace the windshield was $563.16.

Michael Hines was arrested and charged with theft of merchandise and vandalism. His bond was set at $10,000.

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