Two women caught with 23 grams of weed after failing to properly change lanes

feat Hannah, Gabriel and Stewart Tierney

21-year-old Gabrielle Hannah was charged with possession of marijuana with intent and 22-year-old Tierney Stewart was charged with possession with intent, window tint violation, and firearm during a felony when 23 grams of weed was found in the vehicle during a traffic stop.

On August 13th, Multi-Agency Gang Unit Detectives Isom and Carruth witnessed a red Honda Accord with dark tinted widows make an improper lane change while traveling southbound on Kirby Parkway. When the officers activated their emergency lights the care began to act suspiciously and seemed to be avoiding the officers. The vehicle finally pulled over at the intersection of Kirby Parkway and Split Oak Drive. As the MGU Detectives approached the vehicle they were met with a strong odor of what the detectives believed to be marijuana, and both Gabrielle Hannah and Tierney Stewart were detained.

A vehicle search was performed and detectives located two read bags labeled “Gas” within a pink and black bag that belonged to Tierney Stewart. Stewart advised that she was not aware there was any weed in her bag and that it must have been put in there by someone else. As they continued to search detectives located another red “gas” bag within a black bag in the center console of the car, of which Gabrielle Hannah claimed ownership.

Detectives also found a black and brown Smith and Wesson that Tierney Stewart stated belonged to here, and a loaded magazine with 6 rounds in the glove compartment. Both women filled out a Right of Waivers form at the scene, and Tierney Stewart’s car was seized by police. Due to the pair’s conflicting statements, both women will be charged with possession of marijuana with intent.

Gabrielle Hannah was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana with intent and Tierney Stewart was arrested and charged with possession with intent, reflectorized windows, and firearm during a felony. They were both later released on their own recognizance.

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