Lovers quarrel quickly escalates when a third party pulls a gun “ready to pop a bitch”

Feat Kinchelow vs Green

38-year-old Dorothy Kinchelow and 36-year-old Michelle Green were both charged with domestic assault after the two, who are in a relationship with each other, swung on one another swung on each other.

On October 12th, Memphis Police Officers Murphy, Voller, Blevins, Braxton, and Mcgee responded to an armed party call located at 924 E Holmes Rd. The caller stated that there were 3 women fighting and one of them was currently armed. Upon arrival, Officer Murphy observed a female, later identified as Domaneek Redmond, in tight black clothing with the outline of a handgun in her right pocket. The complainant, Shakira Jordan, advised the officers that Michelle Green was trying to gather her belongings when her live in girlfriend, Dorothy Kinchelow, attempted to punch her as she was walking inside. The two women proceeded to fight. During the confrontation Jordan advised that Redmond in all black clothing pulled a gun from out of her car. The woman then proceeded to hold her gun and told Green “I’ll kill you” and also stated she’s “ready to pop a bitch”. Green later recanted that a gun was pulled on her.

Dorothy Kinchelow stated that she was kicking Green out of her residence due to Green assaulting her prior to the argument. Green later returned to gather more of her belongings when she swung on Kinchelow with a closed fist. The fight between the two was quickly broken up. Kinchelow stated that a third person, Domaneek Redmond did, in fact, have a gun in her possession. However, the gun was never fired during the incident. A fourth party, Latoya Smallie stated that she showed up to the residence and brought the handgun with her because she was previously attacked by one of the dogs that lived there and was bitten three times. Smallie advised that she brandished her gun out of fear of the dogs injuring her. Redmond took the gun and advised her that she can’t fight with a gun. Redmond told officers that the weapon was in the house. The handgun checked negative in NCIC.

38-year-old Dorothy Kincheolow was arrested and charged with domestic assault. She was released on a $500 bond.

36-year-old Michelle Green was arrested and charged with domestic assault. She was released on own recognizance

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