Woman says that her roommate tried to gouge her eye out and he said that she fell

feat Harris Elsberry

69-year-old Fred Harris and 58-year-old Barbara Elsberry were charged with domestic assault after they gave conflicting stories about how they obtained injuries from one another.

On October 21st, Memphis Police Officers Pittman and Williams responded to 910 Tampa Avenue for a domestic assault. Charles Jones called to tell officers that Babara Elsberry and Fred Harris were creating a disturbance in their shared residence. Harris said that Elsberry had come into his room and drank his wine. Elsberry pushed Harris and hit him in the face when Harris attempted to get her out of his room. Officers stated that Harris was uncooperative with officers due to him being highly intoxicated. Harris stated that he had a cut on the nose from Elsberry’s blow. Also, he said that Elsberyy sustained her injuries from falling after assaulting him. Elsberry told the officers that she and Harris were having an argument. She then told police that he grabbed her arms and attempted to gouge out her right eye. Due to fearing for her life, Elsberry said that she was defending herself.

Officers noted that Elsberry continuously changed her side of the story and was highly intoxicated. Memphis Fire Department responded to the scene and treated Elsberry’s injuries. Officers could not determine a primary aggressor and due to conflicting statements, both Harris and Elsberry were placed in custody. Fred Harris was transported to 201 Poplar and Barbara Elsberry was transported to Jail East.

Fred Harris was arrested and charged with domestic assault causing bodily harm. He was later released on his own recognizance.

Barbara Elsberry was arrested and charged with domestic assault causing bodily harm. She was later released on his own recognizance.

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