Brothers charged after firing gun at driver

20-year-old Darion and 18-year-old Devonn Townsend were charged with attempted murder, evading arrest, and tampering with evidence after Darion fired a pistol at a man driving behind them and Devonn threw the pistol in a lake.

On November 9th, Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputy Howard arrived at Kroger, located at 7615 US-70, in response to an assault call. Upon arrival, Matthew Kilpatrick informed the police he was shot at as he was driving home. He stated he was driving on Bolen Huse Road when he saw a blue-green Toyota driving 10 mph under the speed limit and swerving across the road in front of him.

He advised he tried passing but chose not to in fear of being hit by the other car. According to the affidavit, Matthew was flagged down by the driver. As he pulled over, the other driver, Devonn Townsend, yelled “why the fuck you driving like that?” while his brother, Darion Townsend, was in the passenger seat reaching towards the floorboards. Matthew reported that he drove away, fearing they had a weapon. When he looked in the rearview mirror, Darion was leaning out the window and fired three shots at him. Another witness, Howard Jerry, confirmed Darion shot at Matthew. Howard stated he captured a partial picture of the license plate and followed them on Singleton Parkway until they turned on Lakehurst Drive.

Deputy Brooks’ search of the area revealed the vehicle at the residence of 4055 Lake Forest Drive. Upon arrival, Penny Townsend, the brothers’ mother, stated they fled on foot after they returned the car. She advised she was unaware of what was happening but cooperated in finding her sons. Upon search of the area, Deputy Earnest found Darion and attempted to stop him but he refused to listen, running away with an AR-15 style pistol. A neighbor reported Darion got into a silver Chevrolet Malibu with what looked like a rifle in the area of Glendale and Otter Drive. When deputies located the vehicle, they found Darion inside and the weapon nowhere to be found.

Devonn advised he was driving with Darion and Michael McCullough with the firearm in his lap. He admitted to the police that the gun belonged to him but his brother was the one who picked it up and fired it. He stated he fled on foot into the woods around his house and tossed the pistol into a lake. He also said Michael picked him up in the neighborhood afterward. Darion confirmed he did fire the weapon but claimed Matthew pulled out a firearm first and it was self-defense.

Darion Townsend was arrested and charged with attempted second-degree murder, evading arrest, tampering with evidence, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. He is currently jailed in lieu of a $100,000 bond.

Devonn Townsend was arrested and charged with attempted second-degree murder, evading arrest, and tampering with evidence. He is currently jailed in lieu of a $100,000 bond.

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