Woman pummels husband’s face after he asks for divorce

32-year old Sara Bailey was charged with domestic assault after her husband asked for a divorce and she stated that she remembered hitting him but not knowing how many times nor trying to run him over with her car.

On October 26th, Memphis Police Officer Mingo was dispatched to a domestic violence call at a residence located at 710 Vaughn Road. John Bailey made contact with Officer Mingo and stated that he and his wife, Sara Bailey were heading to spend time with a friend. Per the report, John stated that Sara believed that John was talking to another woman and became angry. John then stated that Sara began to punch him on the right side of his face, approximately six times. According to the statement, once they arrived at the 710 Vaugh Road address, John got out of the vehicle and ran towards a McDonald’s on Summer Avenue with Sara chasing after him.

Sara Bailey (SCSC)

Sara got back into the vehicle and drove after him. He stated that he believed that she was trying to hit him with her vehicle. John refused medical treatment. Officers contacted Sara at Kroger located at 4264 Summer Avenue. Sara stated that she was upset due to John asking her for a divorce and she punched him. According to the officer’s report, Sara did not know how many times she punched him. She also informed the officers that she was not trying to run John over but trying to have him return to the vehicle. Sara was taken to Jail East.

Sara Bailey was arrested and charged with domestic assault causing bodily harm. She was released on a $1,000 bond.

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