Man attempting to rekindle flame with ex hits her out of jealousy of another man, per report

48-year-old Keith Donaldson was charged with domestic assault when he struck his ex-girlfriend in the face while she was grilling with a male co-worker at a gathering.

Gun-totting man threatens to kill girlfriend by pointing it in her face

43-year-old Joshua Cleveland was charged with aggravated assault when he struck his girlfriend, chased her down, and pointed a handgun at her over a squabble.

Man strangles baby mamma until her mother lights him up

36-year-old Clyde Leach was charged with aggravated assault after he threw his baby mamma around, strangled her, and was then separated by her mother when she hit him with a lamp.

“DD, NO! Not a knife NO” man screams to teen, who stabs woman in the back, puncturing her lung

19-year-old Decara Jones was charged with criminal attempt at 2nd-degree murder and reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon when she stabbed someone after starting a fight with her baby daddy’s family.

One argument with wife and 3 beers later, man gets DUI after U-turns on highway

57-year-old Charles Davis was charged with DUI and refusal to submit to test after he was pulled over for speeding, he admitted to drinking three 12 ounce beers and described himself as “too heavy” to complete a field sobriety test.

Man throws hands with wife while driving on an interstate

39-year-old Cody Cathey was charged with domestic assault after he got into an argument with his wife while driving down the interstate and started hitting her.