Man hides shotgun from his girlfriend after punching her in the face, per report

53-year-old Elton Reed was charged with domestic assault after he punched his girlfriend in the face and a shotgun was heard being cocked as a juvenile called for help.

Man hits girlfriend in her head with an unknown object; leaves to get her bandages

39-year-old Kaleub Jones was charged with domestic assault after he whacked his girlfriend in the back of the head causing her to bleed during a dispute about his missing items.

Man puts girlfriend in headlock, shoves her into car, then leaves; friend reports

21-year-old Charles Johnson was charged with violating bail conditions and assault after he shoves his girlfriend into his car, breaking one of his bail conditions that he received from assaulting her previously.

Permitless shooter stays strapped, doesn’t get clapped; charged after firing handgun

27-year-old Darryl Mickens was charged with possession of a firearm during a commission of a dangerous felony, marijuana, and weapon after he fired rounds at someone that he claimed shot at him first then fled for safety.

Woman charged with child abuse after night of drinking at Bahama Breeze

32-year-old Kimberly Glover was charged with child abuse, assault, DUI, reckless driving, and disorderly conduct after coming home from drinking, getting into an argument with her husband, and leaving in her car with her 6-week-old son.

Man gives fake name after officers catch him with chopped catalytic converter

42-year-old Gary Goforth was charged with burglary, theft of property, and possession of burglary tools after he was caught with a saw and fresh-cut catalytic converter.

Teenage landlord wakes tenant up then fires two warning shots to get him to leave

19-year-old Jordan Davis was charged with aggravated robbery and burglary after she brought three men into her tenant’s room, pointed a gun at him while one of the men beat him, then she forced him out.

“Do it” says woman to boyfriend who threatened to hit her over Facebook post; strikes him instead

21-year-old T Kia Payton was charged with domestic violence after she reportedly got in her boyfriend’s face and punched him during a disagreement about a Facebook post.