Woman charged with child abuse after night of drinking at Bahama Breeze

32-year-old Kimberly Glover was charged with child abuse, assault, DUI, reckless driving, and disorderly conduct after coming home from drinking, getting into an argument with her husband, and leaving in her car with her 6-week-old son.

Unresponsive driver gets irate with police and refuses to give blood sample

21-year-old Hayden Powell was charged with DUI, public intoxication, reckless driving, refusal to submit to a blood-alcohol test, and failure to exercise due care when he was found unresponsive in his running vehicle.

Woman cited as “all over the road” by police; charged with DUI and public intoxication

25-year-old Kiana Tuggle was charged with driving under the influence and public intoxication when she was driving “all over the road” on Interstate 40.

Man on ecstasy and marijuana hits deputy with car and tries to escape

27-year-old David Riley was charged with aggravated assault, driving on a suspended license, evading and resisting arrest, possession of marijuana, DUI, driving without insurance, reckless driving, and not stopping at a sign after he was observed in his vehicle at a vacant church.

Mississippi man downs six beers, wrecks vehicle with son inside

34-year-old Daniel Garcia Martinez was charged with failure to exercise due care, driving under the influence with child endangerment, public intoxication, and reckless driving after drinking six beers prior to operating his vehicle and was involved in a wreck with his 9-year-old son inside.

Memphis man flees scene of accident; caught replacing tires shortly after

38-year-old Jessie Williams was charged with failure to exercise due care, driving with a revoked license, driving under the influence, and leaving the scene of an accident after he rammed his Chevrolet Avalanche into another vehicle and was located after getting his tires replaced.

Rowdy woman tells officers she smoked a blunt and took a “4 bar” to “get on her level”

36-year-old Tameka Mathis was charged with driving under the influence, driving on a suspended license, violation of registration law, resisting official detention, refusal to submit to BAC test, possession of marijuana, and possession of contraband in a penal facility when officers found her inebriated and soiled in her vehicle at a convenience store and was then found with marijuana during booking.

Memphis driver crashes into pole, found with two open bottles of gin and marijuana

65-year-old Kirk Davis was charged with driving while license suspended, driving under the influence, violation of open container law, possession of marijuana, and reckless driving after he drove onto the sidewalk, crashed into a pole, and police discovered two open bottles of gin and marijuana in his car.

Memphis mother of two wrecks car with children inside

30-year-old Lashundra Pittman was charged with reckless driving, possession of marijuana, DUI/child endangerment, open container law, driving while license revoked, public intoxication, violation of financial law after an accident was reported involving Lashundra Pittman and her two children.

Man crashes vehicle with children inside; charged with DUI and child endangerment

33-year-old Sokhom Nhem was charged with driving under the influence, public intoxication, reckless driving, and 2 counts of child endangerment after police found his vehicle crashed into a tree with his two children inside.