Teen punches aunt and uncle for trying to kick him out of their house

19-year-old Jonathan Cantu was charged with two counts of domestic assault after police say he punched his aunt and uncle for trying to kick him out of the house.

Stool gets tossed around during argument between brothers over a cell phone

41-year-old was Cortex Hubbard charged with domestic assault after he swung a stool at his brother over a missing cell phone.

Man throws baby gate as officers try to cuff him for assaulting his girlfriend

27-year-old Jacque Adams was charged with domestic assault and resisting arrest after he shoved his girlfriend’s head into the floor and threw a baby gate at officers during their attempt to detain him.

Memphis woman fires shots at car with child & baby daddy inside

30-year-old April Mathews was charged with two counts of aggravated assault after firing shots at a child and her child’s father while he was there to collect money that was owed to him, per report.

Woman switches out tags for more expensive items, then uses self-checkout

39-year-old Dixie Tyer was charged with theft of property after she placed a $5 tag on more expensive clothing and then rang up her purchases at Walmart’s self-checkout.