Two sisters attempt to rob a Walmart of over $300 worth of merchandise

24-year-old Darreka French was charged with shoplifting when she was caught attempting to steal $311 worth of merchandise from Walmart with her juvenile sister.

Guy stuffs pants with $10.97 of merchandise for 4th theft charge within 2 years

20-year-old Jack Guy was charged with theft after he was caught stuffing his pants with $10.97 of merchandise from The Home Depot.

Woman arrested for stealing $5.88 worth of socks from Walmart

18-year-old Ja’Mia Estell was charged with criminal trespass and theft of property after she attempted to steal a $5.88 pack of socks from Walmart on Elvis Presley Boulevard.

Woman switches out tags for more expensive items, then uses self-checkout

39-year-old Dixie Tyer was charged with theft of property after she placed a $5 tag on more expensive clothing and then rang up her purchases at Walmart’s self-checkout.

Shoplifting: Woman tells police liquor bottle ‘accidentally slipped into her pocket’

Adelaide Walker told Memphis Police when she was adjusting the taser in her pocket a bottle of liquor must have accidentally slipped into her pocket, unbeknownst to her. She was placed under arrest, charged with theft of merchandise, and transported to booking.