Senior citizen tosses brick at brother’s head after his flame was extinguished

75-year-old Archie Hurt was charged with domestic assault after he threw a brick at his brother’s head, who was only trying to put out a fire that Archie started, police reported.

Man pimp slaps estranged wife after argument; bloodies her lip

37-year-old Gregory Scott was charged with domestic assault after he pinned his wife to the wall and slapped her in the face with the back of his hand.

Girlfriend throws tool-tossing tantrum; punches man in the face after argument

28-year-old Lashundra Wiley was charged with domestic assault after punching her boyfriend in the face, bruising his left eye and the side of his nose, when he arrived at her residence to pick up his belongings.

Elderly man bludgeons girlfriend with cellphone and strangles her until she passes out

feat Simpson Frank

75-year-old Frank Simpson was charged with aggravated assault when he punched his girlfriend, threw her onto a bed, hit her repeatedly in the head with a cell phone, and strangled her until she passed out.

Police say man continues to ‘wreak havoc’ on downtown merchants

feat Jones Michael

42-year-old Michael Jones was charged with criminal trespass and theft of property after he stole food from Family Dollar and brazenly ate it on the bench outside multiple days in a row.

Man steals $200 worth of food from momma’s fridge; caught two weeks later

30-year-old Larry Burton was charged with criminal trespass and vandalism after he broke into his mother’s home and stole food from her refrigerator.

‘Karen” smashes gameplaying husband in face with beer bottle

25-year-old Karen Villalobos was charged with aggravated assault and two counts of violation of bond conditions after she struck her husband with a beer bottle in his face.

Feces-covered suicidal man charged after inserting gun into his father’s mouth

35-year-old Scott Epstein was charged with domestic assault and vandalism after his father admitted that the family was staying the night with him while he was going through alcohol withdrawals.

Boyfriend punches and strangles woman at Motel 6, she says

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25-year-old Anthony Butler was charged with aggravated assault after his girlfriend told police that he punched her in her arm then strangled her after a disagreement.

Man uses mom’s car to steal $560 worth of items from a utility vehicle

feat Hopkins Alanto

47-year-old Alanto Hopkins was charged with burglary, theft of property, and vandalism after being caught on video vandalizing and stealing tools from a locked utility vehicle.